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Woman’s Vices

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Woman’s Vices

Are the deadly sins feminine?

And am I always sin or even a little virtue?

And if, in the end, there is an entirely feminine way of giving in to temptation, if males are more corrupt because they have held power, they have lorded and commanded, traveled and studied, managed money and enjoyed before and with more freedom than women, or simply because women are genetically more holy?

Pride is present above all where power roles are exercised or where ambitions of power are cultivated. It is a concept that is valid both sociologically and psychologically.

It is enough to feel more important or smarter than others to be tempted to assume superb attitudes.

No one is immune: neither men, traditionally subject to this vice, nor women, historically more and more in line with the former.

Today in the world there is a permanent festival of more or less markedly superb behaviors.
Many young women, in fact, do not worry at all about keeping their pride hidden, and therefore their presumption, arrogance, contempt for others and the inability to recognize their own defects.

In them, however, pride often also takes the form of the absence of modesty and sexual ostentation which not infrequently coincides with a real will to transgression.

Many women are not inferior to men in showing little attention to others, lack of listening and lack of respect, which are often associated with personal irresponsibility and individualism up to forms of egocentric childishness and immoderate opportunism.

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Makis Battler


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