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A vision of an occurred tragedy


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Laura is a normal 18-year-old girl who’s life is flipped upside down after she sees a vision of a tragedy unfold. Later that day the vision plays out exactly as she had seen it. If she were told what was to come, she would never believe it. To help her learn how to control her newly discovered ability she moves into a school/hospital where she befriends other kids who have also developed strange and unusual abilities, some of which can kill. Laura learns how to become a part of the vision. She realizes that she may be able to alter the outcome, but learns there are consequences to those actions. Will she make the right choices? She learns about lies, betrayal, secrets, friendships, love, passion and murder. Between saving lives and digging for the truth, she is torn between two guys. Who will win her virtue; the man she loves or the one she desires? Who can she trust? Is it up to her to save the lives of her friends or will they save hers before it’s too late?

Published Year

2019, April 11

Page Count



Manuel Santon


Alex Press,

Braxos Publisher


Series 1

1 review for Vision

  1. Adeline G.

    This story makes me breathless with a lot of incredible moments and suspense, great book

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