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Vibrant Living

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Looking for new challenges and making life more meaningful

This book is about living vitally by breaking the many negative myths of life, looking for new challenges and making life

more meaningful. It talks about getting out of ruts, taking risks, generating enthusiasm, and creating a zest for life.

The importance of continuous learning, of a sense of purpose and focus. Some, as they go into retirement, go into decline because they have lost the excitement of the full life.

What we believe is what we are. And what we plant in our subconscious is more powerful than we are inclined to believe.

Part of beliefs and attitudes is in recognizing the importance of exercise and diet in the of good vital health.

So this book is about keeping vital, and ageless. Age can be thought of as just a number; what counts is how fit we are.

You will note the style of writing uses many imperative verbs. It is action oriented!

Published Year

July 22, 2018

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Barry Sumaton


Carolina Sinezi


Series 1

2 reviews for Vibrant Living

  1. Claire B.

    Wonder this book

  2. Jason M.

    I advise you to read this book, cause I have read twice and still I love it

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