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Valentine’s Wonder

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Everything you need to celebrate this amazing day


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As you know, Valentine’s day is tremendously very special for all those who are in love and want to make this day the day where love travels parallel with the passion of Giving and RECEIVE, to make everyone feel that each of you we want to hear, but we also know that this day that we wait with open arms, it becomes increasingly difficult to think of something unique, something you do not expect, something that has never GIVEN and RECEIVED before, something that makes you feel great to give and get you breathless in receiving it,

Valentine’s Day is not just a day to be with the person ever, but it’s a special day where the thought and attention must do its part to make the dream that you love at least on this day.

There are so many things you can do to celebrate this day and so many ways to show your eternal love to your half! such as;

  • Beautiful lingerie to make the day really hot!
  • Traditional chocolates
  • A romantic meal cooked at home made for two
  • Bouquet of red roses
  • A cinema and pizza,,,
  • Perfume




Maybe you didn’t have time to think about it, or you do not have so much imagination at the moment to look for something unique,

  • Something you’ve never given before
  • Something you didn’t think you could find
  • Something you didn’t imagine existed

Whatever your fantasy is, it’s definitely a day when you should not ruin at all, have thought about what GIVING or HOW to spend this MARVELOUS day/evening/night should strengthen your bond, and this is worth more than anything else in this world!

REMEMBER that, in small things, is where true love happens, and in small things is,Β  where the attention in GIVING reaches that door where the heart opens


After a terrible disappointment that my other half for 3 consecutive years made me feel unimportant, intelligently I kept in my disappointment not to have discussions, even with my friends I spoke and many of them had the same experiences, but sentimentally I did not understand why on this day that should be so unique and different on all other days, ” it is said that after Christmas Valentine’s Day is the most important “, always the same things, and for this disappointment that I began to look to see if it was just a matter of not knowing other possibilities’, or just a matter of not taking time to look for something unique, which in the end is the most beautiful happening,Β  GIVING and RECEIVING

For 5 years I have dedicated myself to the research of IDEAS for Valentine’s Day that I certainly would never have believed existed, I have discovered so many unique ways to celebrate this wonderful day.

Just to tell you a few reported in this book,

  • Unique food recipes, to be prepared in a simple way according to the tradition
  • Unique cocktails especially for this day
  • Valentine’s Day Punch
  • Gift ideas that leave you breathless,
  • Excursions to get together and spend unforgettable days / romantic evenings
  • Drinks and desserts designed for this day
  • How to prepare the table for a romantic dinner
  • How to be together all day and what topics to talk about
  • Which words to say and avoid comparisons
  • How to behave while being inside
  • How to look to each other without having a conflict
  • Secret Desires
  • Increased Desire
  • Arouse Your Passion
  • Romantic Herbal Lore
  • Magical Love Potions
  • Herbal Lore and Essential Oil Combinations for Valentine’s Day
  • Valentines Gifts For Her
  • Valentines Gifts For Him
  • and much more,



Valentine’s Day is a very important and unique day for many couples if you really understand the true meaning, everyone is waiting for this day to have the chance to heal the relationship aspect, marginalize those veins that were infringed that they feared to break, take this day and make it,Β  an UNFORGETTABLE DAY


Published Year

January 22, 2019

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Carla Santinio


Alex Press


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9 reviews for Valentine’s Wonder

  1. Allison

    Great ideas

  2. Laura

    Every year is getting more and more difficult to please my other half, but now I know what to do, thanks a lot for your ideas

  3. Jeremy

    I love so many ideas, so I don’t have to search for something nice, great thanks

  4. Jay

    Nice and original ideas for such important day πŸ™‚

  5. Jane

    My other half is going to be really happy with the idea i got from this book thanks a lot

  6. Joshua

    Some recipes are really extraordinary πŸ™‚

  7. Mallow

    Great value

  8. Allan

    Wonderful πŸ™‚

  9. Emily


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