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A woman who is a gloomy house like a grave, with a suspicious, sneaky, petty husband, mistress only, feels suffocated in her mind every notion of her right and in her heart every spontaneity, can not die, flee even when she must leave there a child who, without her, with his father, in that funeral home, will be lacking in affection and example and will inevitably have to forget and doubt of his distant mother? Sibilla, a brand new name in our female literature, says yes in a book that has a simple title: A woman. And he says it with head held high, and certain pages are so sincere and painful that he seems to hear that woman invented by you speak with a shudder in your voice, with the last doubt in your eyes and stare at you with the hope of finding your consent, not your sentence.

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Mary Sipos


Betty Simons

6 reviews for Unhappy

  1. Harmen K.

    Few modern novels I have read that encompass this as a drama so serious and profound in its simplicity and represent it with equal art, in such a noble and frank form, with so much measure and so much power.

  2. Joyce J.

    Here is a novel by a woman in which the figure of a “new” woman is drawn. It is among the few remarkable novels that we have been reading for some time now; and already collects an unusual consensus of critics praise. Remarkable as a work of art and as a work of thought: as a work of art, while the author also seems to protest that she wanted to do nothing but a work of truth, and perhaps precisely because of it: as a work of thought; because there is represented the profound struggle of a feminine spirit, to affirm in the face of human selfishness his dignity and that of the sex called, with a sentence that sounds unconscious brutality, a weak sex.

  3. Barbara P.

    On the contrary, in this book something of which the author herself perhaps does not have full knowledge takes place: as the narration proceeds, the word that appears fearful, hesitant at first, becomes more secure, thought is strengthened in thought , is imbued with vigor at the contact of reality, becomes turgid, warm, powerful, and then naked whale, like a sword; and suddenly he finds those expressive sculptural expressions, quick and immediate, simple, that stop the reader and are the martyrdom of the artist.

  4. Monique S.

    Pages not easy: neither to write nor to read. We must discover the delicate thread; and then after having tasted that verbal energy that makes the words lucid and firm, after having heard that that energy holds the beautiful prose steady, like an augustly engraved stone of vast epigraphs, over a tumultuous impetus that wants to overthrow it, we discover the originality of the book, which is summarized by these words: “We are born …. for the intimate accord with the mystery”.

  5. Samatha A.

    A woman has the seal of a life lived. So an experimental Zolian type novel? so a psychological novel at Bourget? Nothing of this: an immediate book; interwoven with thoughts and facts, free from literary reminiscences. That I don’t know what sticky and fake that forms the preparation in Italy for the writing of fashion, here, is missing at all.

  6. Arma H.

    This book is sincere, it’s cruel, it’s very modern. Only for the defense of one’s mind and individuality, no woman in any novel of twenty years ago would have fled. Today it is possible and unfortunately, this novel is likely.

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