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Turning your TALENT into MONEY

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Is everybody on earth gifted? Does everyone have talents or are there “gift-less” people somewhere on the surface of the earth? Are some people more endowed than others? …and are there some that aren’t endowed at all? Now here’s the big one …Are you gifted or gift-less?


Everyone on earth has potentials! There are no empty men on earth, but there are many people with wrong perceptions of who they are and what they carry. Also, there are no “gift-less” people on earth, but there are many people who don’t even know how gifted they are. Nothing devalues a man than having a sense of emptiness and incapacity. It is the understanding of who you are that determines what you become. How you see yourself consistently determines what you become perpetually.

It is often said that “in every man, there is a seed of greatness.” When this seed is nurtured, it can catapult him from where he is to where God wants him to be. Every bird in the sky is gifted to fly. Every fish in the ocean is gifted to swim. Similarly, everyone on earth is gifted to do something special.

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March 20, 2018

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Brigitte Sandy


Bary Stoneynoch,

Carolina Sinezi


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2 reviews for Turning your TALENT into MONEY

  1. Reja


  2. Paul

    Why such information sometimes is not coming at the right moment? but is b=never to late 🙂

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