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Love is emotion, it is a moving out, its nature is to give. Its activity is away from the self, -therefore un- self-ish.
Unselfishness is not attained by selfishness, – therefore thinking, thought, or though affirmations will not awaken a consciousness of universal love. Moreover, thinking, thought and thought affirmations prevent the attainment of spiritual knowledge and establish instead thoughts about spiritual consciousness.

The first step, then, is to quiet thought; the second, to awaken universal love by the most idealized process of all the ages, -and that is idealization before the fire. You know the effects whether before the open-fire in the home or the campfire in the woods. First, you cease to think -conversation lags, then stops -and the body relaxes.

Second, daily troubles vanish, and a kindly attitude and indefinite contentment come to you;

Third, there comes not a conscious but a super-conscious condition, beginning with reverie; and then all thought ceases, and since all thought has ceased you are not even conscious that it has ceased; until -Fourth, with a start, you come back to yourself, -that is, back to mental consciousness. But you have been on the borderland of spiritual consciousness.

Continued, before the open-fire -impersonally the most idealized process of all times -the superconscious state soon becomes illuminated and spiritual consciousness is attained.

Awakened in this way, it does not unfit one for the daily work of life; it becomes the balance -the proper balance of Cosmic Realization and Practical Life.

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Abigal Katruren


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