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Think Big and Grow Rich

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You will find this book takes cognizance of the changing world. In speaking of people, however, I speak of the forces which always have moved people and always will. We still see that without sufficient money our lives are that and hemmed in, so we want success in earning money.


I began to plan this book in the closing years of the nineteenth century. It has thus been nearly seventy years in preparation. During those years I have witnessed more vital changes in the affairs of men that had taken place in all the previous years of the history of civilization. I have seen the advent of the automobile, the airplane, radio, television, atomic power, the age of space. I have seen electric power spread across the country, industry rise to levels of production beyond nineteenth-century dreams, science and technology enjoy an almost explosive development.

I have seen old nations disappear, new nations arise, jungles give way to paved roads, cities burgeon where sleepy villages once stood. And I have seen people adapt themselves to all these changes and go right on being people, just as they have been for uncounted thousands of years.

Published Year

June 22, 2018

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Simon Manlion


Corboz Press,

Dellinglton Press


Series 1

3 reviews for Think Big and Grow Rich

  1. Gally

    One of the best book I have read so far

  2. Sanny

    A MUST

  3. Richard

    FAter reading this boon I get frustrate it because up their are so many issue that I could not understand in my previous years,

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