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The Truth about Tattoos



Prohibition against Tattoos (& cutting, mutilation), which is often not well-understood or observed. There’s a natural/historical context, such as its association with Slavery and Baal worship; but also a spiritual context, involving blood covenants and supernatural laws. That side is related to the Deliverance ministry (commonly known as Exorcism) – one of the 3 parts of the Great Commission, which all believers are entrusted with.

How many know someone who’s had a tattoo, or got one? Look at that – hands up everywhere. There’s almost no-one that doesn’t at least know someone with a tattoo.

It’s a growing phenomenal now, people getting tattoos, tremendous increase in that has taken place since the ’70s, just a huge increase.

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Haghy . Bhoyson


Boks Press


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