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The Spy

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When Richie enters a competition to join the CIA, he never expected it to be serious. His average day of school gets transformed into his wildest dream; America\’s greatest team of spies in training. What happens when strength, tactics, intelligence, tech, and memory team up? The Spy. New classes, new friends, and most importantly, new enemies. Did he get more than he bargained for? Will the Spy be able to defeat The Jester or will the world fall into chaos as her maniacal plan unfolds? Find out in this thrilling story of adventure, intrigue, and love!

Published Year

2019, March 11

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Arun Hakak

5 reviews for The Spy

  1. Martha G.

    The great sensation, a thrilling story of adventure, intrigue, and love!

  2. Emily F.

    This book has left me breathless until the last page

  3. Miriam B.

    beautiful espionage story where actually friends sometimes make you understand the other part you don’t want to know

  4. Ashley N.

    Too good to read it in 2/3 times

  5. Carl K.

    well,,, if it is true that in America there are the best CIA spies, then this book tells the truth

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