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The Real Italian Pizza . ” 102 Traditional Italian Pizza “

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The whole world loves Italian pizza, we all know, but I saw in Italy that there are so many peoples eating the same pizzas, and this is a real suicide to the Italian culture, because, during my trip around Italy looking to find pizza recipes different from the usual, I have seen that in many local pizzerias make incredible pizzas, with unique ingredients and flavors, I discovered that the simple Margherita with its 4 ingredients remains the queen of pizzas, while I discovered at Collecchio 10 km from Parma, a pizzeria with only 8 tables and 20 seats, while outside were about 30 people waiting their turn, incredible but true, so I lined up to wait for my turn with my mouth watering, intrigued I asked to some people, why all these people are waiting? he replied, eat the pizza and then you will understand, I waited 1 hour and 20 minutes before I could eat, but finally, the magic came, I ate the delight of the delights, pizza with Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma, I understood why all those peoples were waiting such long time. I must say that the pizza for the Italian is a real tradition so much appreciated and combines the fragrance along with the unbelievable taste. I managed to count about 210 different pizzas recipes during my traveling across Italy with all the imaginary ingredients but only 102 I have reported in this book that according to me and other people are the best, try them too and let me know,

Ciao Crisitina 🙂

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9 January, 2019

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Cristina Deligi


Kukuvaia Publishing


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