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The Perfect Mailing List


Now you want to pile on all the benefits your reader receives, like this:

  • This is not the time to make a list of the features of your product or service. No, you need to tell them the end result they get from those features… the benefits, and notice there is no period after each of these bullets, you may use an exclamation point, but sparingly

  • Benefits are the positive results your customer gets

  • Features are the characteristics and specifications of your product or service

  • To help you come up with benefits, start off by listing all the features of your product

  • Then come up with the resulting positive benefit that your customer gets from that feature

  • The best way to see how to do this is to look at successful sales letters

  • Once you have your benefit list, make a list of them in your sales letter using headlines as Benefit Bullets. It’s kind of like a rapid-fire presentation of the major benefits your customer gets when they buy your product

  • And you can see I’ve alternated font settings to help give a little visual relief… (bold, then default, then bold, then italic, etc)

  • And much, much more!

Published Year

January 12, 2018

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Mario Linguari



Kukuvaia Publishing


Series 1


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