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The Art of Giving

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The Art of Giving

Giving moves us because it frees us as aswell as bestows abundance.

When we give, for a minute we’re released from thoughts on how we are, how we were, how we will be, how individuals view us, how we could be, how we should be, and so forth. It’s the tape that continues playing in our minds.

When we give with an exposed heart, we remember that we’re not alone

When strained, what percentage of waking time do you spend thinking of your own life?

Include thoughts about your work, preparation thoughts, thoughts about the past, ideas about pressing tasks, and thoughts about your relationship with other people.

The higher the stress, the more we become rolled up in our own life

And when we’re rolled up in our own life, we get oblivious to the fact that there are others ‘out there’, and that they have troubles and needs too.

That’s where the miracle of giving comes out.

When we give with an exposed heart, we abruptly wake up from the old tapes and feel linked to others.

This book shows you the beauty of giving, the beauty of making somebody else happy, the beauty to see smiles on other faces, you might have so much money, but money does not change your internal smile, having a smile in your face and feel internal such happiness, yes then you are reach,,,,,,




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5 reviews for The Art of Giving

  1. Salamon J.

    I love this book

  2. Margy J.

    In fact, what Mario writes is true, everyone wants a smile but in the end it’s just a fake,

  3. Sandy H.

    There are some very interesting arguments that in fact, give to not receive, yes because this is what many people do, they give to receive

  4. Ariel K.

    Everyone wants to take it, we realize it because our society has addressed us so, in the end, it takes all your goodness

  5. Carol, L.

    Sometimes we have to stop to read books like this ,,,,

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