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Thanks For Your Love Mom

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Thanks For Your Love Mom

No one is born good or evil. It is what society makes you.

I take immense pleasure in thanking some of the people for making me what I am today.

First I would like to thank my mother not only for bringing me into this world but also for turning me into such a fine woman. She stood by my side even when I felt the whole world going against me.

She was and will be forever my best friend, my true guide, my mentor, my confidante and above all the best mother anyone can ever get.

Thank you very much, mommy!

Next, I would like to thank my father. Every time we went shopping for any books, he would turn to me and ask me, “when am I going to see one of your books on the shelves?”.

Papa all the more reason I dedicate this book to you.Thank you very very much for your encouragement!

I thank my darling husband for being so patient with me while I read poem after poem and story after story out to him. He is my best critic.

And every time I read out work to him, he’d raise his eyebrows and say, “Wow Nits, that’s amazing. I’ve never known anyone to write so beautifully”. He is a great inspiration.

She taught me in high school. Before my husband, it was she who used to read and edit my works.

She is the best teacher anyone could hope for.

Outside the classrooms, she was our best friend. I still remember I used to call her at various hours of the day to read out something or to ask her something, and she was always ready to help me with whatever I wanted.

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