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Spiritual Growth

A workbook for spiritual growth, maturity, health, wealth and wisdom.


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If you are anything like me, and I believe every human being on earth is like me, you have lived a great deal of your life in total bewilderment. You have wondered why there are evil and troubles in the world. You have wondered whether there was a way to control your circumstances. How many times have you heard someone say something like this? “When things start going too good for too long, I know some trouble is just around the corner.”

It seemed to me that something was always going wrong. If I was healthy, I would have some financial problem. If my finances were in good shape, I would have a health problem. If both my finances and health were in good condition, I would have some relationship problem. Sometimes it seemed that I was sick, broke, and without any friends, all at the same time. There always seemed to be something going wrong somewhere in my life at any one time. I wondered if there was a way to stop evil and troubles from impacting I life. I wondered if there was a way to control my own selfish and self-destructive impulses.

As I read the New Testament, the Apostle Paul uses a term that indicates there is a Christian process of self-control, or should I say spirit control. In Paul‟ s writings he uses a term that indicates that mature Christians should have control over his or her circumstances and control over his or her appetites and desires

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February 01, 2019

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Barbara Moraba


In Town,

Northfield Publishing


Series 1


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