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Speak the Truth

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Everyone is different and therefore no two people will ever completely agree on everything.


Yet, it seems that most people have been conditioned to share the same beliefs about things that are near and dear to them such as religion, sports, money, love, and life in general, to name a few. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost our individuality and we’ve become programmable robots who seem to function in a society that despises individuals and free thinkers. Tony asks, “how can you be in control of your life if society is constantly conditioning you to be a model citizen?” He simply states that we have to break down the conditioning in order to find out what is really true to each one of us as individuals. The question is, “are you ready to be free?”

The question is, do you believe in something because everyone else does, or did you come to your own conclusions?

As you read through each chapter, you may think that I‟m contradicting myself with these words. There is no contradiction. Contradictions appear only in the mind. You‟ll get much more out of this book if you read it with an open heart, for this is the only place where truth can be understood.

Don‟t get me wrong, and I can‟t stress this enough, there is nothing wrong with any of these things or with any of the topics that I‟ll be covering in this book.

Published Year

June 12, 2018

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Graly Santiago


Acen Press,

Carolina Sinezi


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8 reviews for Speak the Truth

  1. Haloy

    In this book I learn the different of peoples culture and for my job I need it to understand why some peoples are thinking different and how to go along with them,

  2. Sole

    Excellent book to learn true communication depends on the truth without escaping, very interesting

  3. Medith

    Many points where I was very skeptical but in the end I was really conquered by what this book reports,

  4. Arianne

    Graly, you look so young to write such amazing philosophy book or maybe is a picture from your young age 🙂 anyway, the book is really great advice for everybody

  5. Jasmin


  6. Sabri

    If you want really understand the diversity between races, this is the book ,well done:)

  7. Brandon

    Love this book

  8. Celestine

    Lovable book and full of truth

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