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Stay in silence in a relationship to not let the monster come out of him, remain silent and suffer inside that slowly kills you, the best defense I took was silence, made me think, gave me advice, pointed me how to decide, it was just us, me and my silence to throw the war so terrible that slowly took away my life, it is a memory of my personal experience that goes through the search for a great love, can realize that it was all a lie. The man I once knew had worn a mask, covering his true character from me and from the rest of the world. One night, he takes off his mask to reveal his dark monster …


February 20, 2018

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Bary Stoneynoch,

Kukuvaia Publishing


Series 1

2 reviews for Silence

  1. Emerald, K

    Great book, I red twice

  2. Maxima N.

    After a big problem in my relationship, I try to find out the common question, WHY which I couldn’t find of course, and I have to say that, in this book I found some answers to my questions,,,,

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