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Self-Publishing Course

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Self-Publishing Course


Millions of books are published and purchased every year, but the ones that succeed are the ones with authors who understand their audience and understand what compels a reader to buy.

This chapter will help you gain a better understanding of why people buy books and how they make purchasing decisions.

Understanding what motivates readers-helps inform your book marketing strategies by addressing both a reader’s emotional and logical impulses in order to form a connection, leave an impression, and, ultimately, capture the sale.

The Book Meets a Need

We buy groceries to feed ourselves, clothes to wear, and furniture to sit on. Why we choose to buy what we buy in each of these categories is generally a personal preference, but the fact remains that we purchase things to meet a need.

The Reader Buys on Impulse

Impulse buying is a spur-of-the-moment, unplanned decision to buy. Research suggests that emotions play a large role in triggering an impulse purchase.

A consumer sees the book and decides to buy it.

What draws them in? Most likely, it’s the book’s cover.

The cover is one of your book’s top marketing tools. Make sure your book has a cover that draws people’s attention and makes them want to own it, and that it includes strong back cover copy and a good title. That way, whether they are browsing online or in a physical store, your book catches their attention, tugs at their emotions, and creates the urge to buy now.




Understanding Why People Buy Books


Tips for Finding and Engaging with Your Book’s Audience


Social and Beta Publishing




Tips for Building Author Connections


How to Build Your Author Brand?


Growing Your Audience with Free Content


How to Increase Book Sales Potential: Metadata for Books?



Keywords for Books

What is Book Metadata and Why Is It Important?

  • CHAPTER 11

Title and Subtitle

  • CHAPTER 12

How to Write a Good Book Description?

  • CHAPTER 13

How to Write a Good Author Bio?

  • CHAPTER 14

Subject Codes

  • CHAPTER 15

The Importance of Book Reviews

  • CHAPTER 16
    Picking the Right Trim Size for Your Book


  • CHAPTER 17

ISBNs for Self-Publishers

  • CHAPTER 18

How Much Should My Book Cost? Pricing a Book

  • CHAPTER 19

When Should I Publish My Book? Picking Your Publication Date

  • CHAPTER 20

Social Media Marketing Overview

  • CHAPTER 21
    General Social Media Marketing Tips


  • CHAPTER 22

What to Post on Social Media?

  • CHAPTER 23

What Social Media Platforms Should I Use?

  • CHAPTER 24

Facebook for Authors

  • CHAPTER 25

Twitter for Authors

  • CHAPTER 26

Instagram for Authors

  • CHAPTER 27

Goodreads for Authors

  • CHAPTER 28

Blogging for Authors

  • CHAPTER 29

Amazon Author Central

  • CHAPTER 30

Other Social Media Platforms for Authors

  • CHAPTER 31

Creating Video for Social Media

  • CHAPTER 32

What Book Publishing Options Are Available?

  • CHAPTER 33

Self-Publishing Vs Traditional Publishing

  • CHAPTER 34

Self-Publishing Tips for Success

  • CHAPTER 35

How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish?

  • CHAPTER 36

How to Set Publishing Goals?

  • CHAPTER 37

What Book Publishing Options Are Available?

  • CHAPTER 38

ISBNs for Self-Publishers

  • CHAPTER 39

Understanding the Book Publishing Process

  • CHAPTER 40

How to Start a Publishing Business?



Published Year

February 1, 2019

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Book format

Digital, Paperback


Sammy Lucasy


Dellinglton Press,


Thomas Nelson


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25 reviews for Self-Publishing Course

  1. Gjan F.

    Create a video to promote my books, I thoughts about but I didn’t know how to do that, this course showed me in a such easy way how to do, thanks a lot

  2. Paul K.

    I’m an author and struggling to sell my books, I didn’t know that promote a book needs expertise in how to publish correctly, thanks to this course I understood well, thanks

  3. James R.

    Great, Great and Great,

  4. Samatha N.

    This course is really professional, thanks a lot

  5. Manuel B.

    Well done thanks a lot

  6. Maurice N.

    Very good course simple and full of information thanks a lot

  7. Jack P.

    That’s why I didn\t sell my books, now I understood,,,,,

  8. Stephan L.

    Metadata, as an author I will never be involved and honestly, I never understood, this course teach me how to understand them and how to introduce to let my book find, great thanks

  9. Alphons F.

    I knew that during publishing my book I should think also to find the right keywords and this is quite difficult for me because I never got involved, in this course I understood finally how and where to get them, thanks a lot

  10. Aleandro L.

    I spend more than 20 hours in youtube to find out how to publish correctly, but finally I get more confuse then before, in this course everything is so clear and simple, step by step and this is much better to understand and follow

  11. Alvaro G.

    I never thought about to create the own brand, and indeed is such great idea to connect future readers to my next book, thanks a lot

  12. Caroline G.

    I wrote 3 books and dint’ get any sales, also I didn’t know how to make well know my books in the social channels, and took me a long time to understand first and apply later, finally I quit and of course no sales, this course is really a practical and full of information to understand and don’t spend to much time to find how and where to publish my books true the social channels. it saved me a lot of time and money

  13. Gaily H.

    Finally I found what I was looking for, thanks a lot and the price is more than worth now

  14. Evelyn F.

    The great value of this course is the psychology side, and for me, as a doctor is something rare to understand the wish of the readers because I’m writing what I know as professional to help patients.

  15. Nathaly H.

    Writing a professional author bio is not really so easy as everybody thinks, this course teach me how and where to stay alert and say so much possible in short description

  16. Aldo G.

    For the price is worth it, this course is much more,,,,

  17. Arjan K.

    This book is really amazing, I try to find out on youtube and many others social but I get confused and everything seems so difficult, finally this book explained me in such easy way how and where keep attention to publish, really great, thanks

  18. Jason K.

    FINALLY thanks a lot

  19. Elisabeth J,

    Yes is true when publishing a book you need to think about so many different things and as an author, I didn\t know all of those thoughts that’s why my book didn’t sell,

  20. Harald J.

    Publishing a book for an author like me is not something easy, is indeed a professional job but very costly and this is not what I want because I don’t know if my book has sales, like every author I try to find out where to published spend so much time to learn and this is not what an author wants, this course is really simple and easy to follow up without any difficult terms or searching to find where and how everything is included, great,

  21. Albert J.

    Finally good advice

  22. janny F.

    Ell done thanks

  23. Marc B.

    So many really good info, thanks

  24. Marilan L.

    🙂 great thanks

  25. Anjes H.

    Exactly what I was looking for thanks a lot

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