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Psychology of Sex

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“The art of love,” a clever woman novelist has written, “is the art of preparation.” That “preparation” is, on the physiological side, the production of tumescence, and all courtship is concerned in building up tumescence.


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It is highly probable that many readers will consider that the name scarcely suffices to cover manifestations so numerous and so varied. The term “sexual equivalents” will seem preferable to some. While, however, it may be fully admitted that these perversions are “sexual equivalents”–or at all events
equivalents of the normal sexual impulse–that term is merely a descriptive label which tells us nothing of the phenomena. “Sexual”

Symbolism” gives us the key to the process, the key that makes all these perversions intelligible. In all of them–very clearly in some, as in shoe-fetichism; more obscurely in others, as in exhibitionism–it
has come about by causes congenital, acquired, or both, that
some object or class of objects, some act or group of acts, has
acquired a dynamic power over the psycho-physical mechanism
of the sexual process, deflecting it from its normal adjustment to
the whole of a beloved person of the opposite sex.
There has been a transmutation of values, and certain objects,
certain acts, have acquired an emotional value which for the normal person they do not possess. Such objects and acts are properly, it seems to me, termed symbols, and that term embodies the only justification
that in most cases these manifestations can legitimately claim

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May 30, 2018

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Ellis Sonyan



Wave Press


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2 reviews for Psychology of Sex

  1. Beverly

    If you are dissatisfied with your sex life, this is the book you absolutely must read to understand all the meanings

  2. Marianne

    How many times have you not been satisfied with the sexual life, it also happens to me, deepening and reading helped me a lot in this book, very well and professionally written

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