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Online Marketing Techniques

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If you have a business and want online marketing results that are successful, you need to be a creative thinker and think outside of the box.

The Internet is the perfect place for small businesses to establish their marketing campaign. Using the Internet for advertising is extremely cost-effective because it is so measurable and targeted towards the people you want to reach. Internet marketing allows you to compete with the competition and come out ahead.

This book will show you what you need to do to turn your online website into a resource that your customers can trust. You’ll also learn how to get more customers to visit your website.

The main goal of this book is to teach you which online marketing techniques are the most effective for your business. Some of the things that you’ll learn include:

  • How to design your website that you attract the customers you want.
  • How to reach your customers through e-mail marketing.
  • Why co-branding is important.
  • How to choose online partners that are right for you.
  • How to create customized content for your website so that your customers visit frequently.
  • How to establish yourself as an expert in your specific industry.
  • How to use your marketing budget without overspending.


This book will give you the latest information in marketing trends so that you make the most of your marketing budget.

Published Year

2019, March 22

Page count


Book format

Digital, Paperback


Marc Zelley


Bary Stoneynoch,

Press Real


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13 reviews for Online Marketing Techniques

  1. Paul O.

    I have discovered some new techniques which I’m going to use for sure in my business,

  2. Angie S.

    Great book full of professional information

  3. Adrian B.

    Many profitable technique and a good idea

  4. Jeremy H.

    Good explanation, a great book to my internet marketing

  5. Madison V.


  6. Joseph Y.

    Simply great

  7. Harald H.

    I know the digital world very well and wanted to know and update myself on the possibilities that exist, in this book I found a lot of useful information

  8. Angy L.

    Great 5 star for me

  9. Carl K.

    Nice book full of useful information

  10. Robert Y.

    I have read many books and seen hundreds of videos on youtube that have created a total confusion, luckily in this book I found some useful information that clarified many things for me, thanks

  11. Matthew H.

    I love the world of digital marketing and I wanted to get to know it better in this book. I found a lot of useful information that made me so intrigued that I finally started making it a real job.

  12. Joy U.

    I like the way he explains the various steps and the clarity of things to do and not to do, very well thank you

  13. Marylin N.

    the book is full of useful passages and professional information

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