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Mediterranean Diet

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Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a traditional diet of populations overlooking the Mediterranean basin, from Portugal to Greece via the Middle East.

We are also part of it.
There are many scientific studies on this diet that show how good it is: it extends the average life expectancy, protects against various diseases such as some types of cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

These are foods that are able to guarantee a correct intake of nutrients that our body needs so that we have a complete picture of the elements that meet the needs of the metabolism. the result is a sense of general well-being.

In this book, you can understand why many nutritionists advise the Mediterranean diet to sports professionals, actors and famous people.

Published Year

June 29, 2018

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Digital, Paperback


Cristina Deligi


Dellinglton Press,

Kukuvaia Publishing


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11 reviews for Mediterranean Diet

  1. Geremy

    Great book with a lot of healthy information

  2. Sara

    Really good information and the recipes are genuine

  3. Pietro

    I’m an Italian chef and in this book, I found some very interesting nutrition information, thanks

  4. Allen

    The recipes in this book are really delicious, and then all the useful tips I never noticed before

  5. Marylin N.

    I have been eating Italian for 10 years 1 pizza a week for the rest I am drawing on the Mediterranean diet and I am very well, thank you very much

  6. Ameral L.

    Excellent advice and delicious recipes

  7. Angel H.

    Being a sportsman I also want to eat well and light, so I chose to follow the mediterrnanea diet that for me now has become a daily diet.

  8. Gerarld J.

    I was in Italy last year and I saw people eating and eating, but they were not fat like here in America, so I asked, but how do you eat so often and so much without becoming fat? an Italian answered, simple, eat like we do, all based on Mediterranean diet,

  9. Anne S.

    Always appreciated the Mediterranean diet,

  10. Adrianne K.

    I had physical ailments and my nutritionist warned me of the Mediterranean diet, I have been doing this diet for 2 years and I feel like I was born again.

  11. Sohie H.

    I tried different diets but without success, an Italian friend of mine gave me the advice I never accepted, I followed this diet and I was reborn.

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