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Marriage Problems

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Whatever its origins in various civilizations throughout recorded history, and whatever the joys and anguishes it may bring, the fact that in our society marriage is the goal, both striven for and achieved, of the overwhelming majority of people insures it a high place in the hierarchy of “normal” maturational goals.

At the beginning, it should be made clear that this chapter intends to deal with marriage at this current time in history, and more specifically with middle-class American marriages.

This narrowing of focus is being undertaken because this type of marriage is the one about which most clinical psychiatric experience has been accumulated and, indeed, is the one about which over 90 percent of the psychiatric literature is written. This is not to say that marriages in other classes of our society, among minority groups of various racial and ethnic backgrounds

are not relevant and important. It is to say, however, that knowledge about them comes from a sociological and anthropological base, that even this knowledge is only gradually being developed with any completeness as survey and statistical studies improve, and that these marriages are by and large not the ones that have found referrals to psychiatrists.

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october 29, 2017

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Marco Solarios


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