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Many Married Women Are Frustrated Why?????

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This book is written against the background of the author

  • who comes from a part of the world where the traditional structure of the family is still strongly held on to and valued by the society and promoted by the culture
  • wherein many cases the female gender seems to be at the lower end of many un-balanced

The models and theories put forward in the book are not solely for married women or the female gender, the models and principles are in themselves gender-blind, and are applicable to all sorts of relationships, irrespective of the gender and number of people involved, including relationships outside of the traditional family setting.

The author only chooses to use the traditional family setting because it presents a classic example of real-life case studies of the models.

The models also explain and give a lot of insight into the root causes of many of the issues and challenges that couples in a traditional family setup deal with, which if (or when) brought to the fore are easily dealt with, giving room for a healthy and blissful relationship to emerge.

In summary, this book is about building better relationships, especially on the home front. The author is aware and acknowledges that there have been a great number of books, theories and models suggested to address the different challenges and issues in the marriage relationship. Many of these are rooted in faiths and religious beliefs, but the emergence of Life Coaching and Couples/Family Therapy models and interventions have encouraged a higher consideration for non-spiritual and non-faith based sources.

So the author being a Life Coach is approaching this issue from the perspective of a Life Coach.

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Marco Solarios


Bary Stoneynoch,

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