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Italian Ice Cream 201 Different Italian Traditional Ice cream

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The Artisan Gelato food of Italian Tradition is the optimal result of freezing and simultaneous stirring of a mixture of genuine, natural, preferably fresh raw materials and high-quality food ingredients, selected, balanced and skilfully blended by the artisan ice cream maker in his laboratory of production according to its originality and creativity.

“Il Glaciered Artesian is the trained professional who knows the particular techniques to balance the ingredients for the creation of an optimal product, knows the organoleptic and functional properties of both the basic ingredients and those reserved to characterize the ice cream, is aware of the fragility thermal of its products and has the necessary skills related to the management of production processes using machinery and equipment available for production, storage and sale in the best way and taking care of the quality of its products until the time of consumption.

Any product that maintains the structure and consistency of the ice cream at a temperature above zero degrees Celsius cannot be considered Artisan Gelato of Italian Tradition.

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12 June 2017

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Bianca Florid


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