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Joy and Happiness

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Joy and Happiness

I live in a family where it is difficult for me to take time off to meditate, and due to other reasons, I don’t have the necessary requirements for meditation.

The only time I can meditate is before I go to sleep and I can only do this lying down. What should I do?

l I’m afraid of opening up in meditation because I feel that it is leading me into the unknown and certain feelings appear (mainly fear), which don’t appear otherwise. I’m afraid of the unknown because I feel I can’t control it. What should I do?

l I have been a smoker for a long time now and I’m aware that it is not a healthy habit. Do I need to quit smoking in order to meditate successfully?

l Does diet affect meditation?
l I understand that I affect my reality with my thoughts. However, at times when I feel bad or am angry, I find it hard to focus my thoughts on something positive and keep it positive.

What should I do in such situations?
l How does meditation affect health?
l I have been meditating for quite some time now and I try to have thoughts and ideas that I want to manifest in my life. I feel better and better and joy is ever more present in my life. But my problem is that I feel guilty because of this. What did I do to deserve this?

l Is a belief in God a prerequisite for the successful practice of meditation?
l Sometimes during meditation I feel great, but sometimes I feel extremely bored and it seems like nothing is happening. Sometimes an avalanche of unrelated thoughts prevents me from entering the meditative state. What does this mean?
l Is an initiation necessary in order to practice meditation successfully?
l What is the best age to start meditation?
l During meditation, thoughts of duties and obligations come up, and such thoughts make me feel constrained and make me lose my concentration.

What should Ido?
l I started meditating some ten days ago, but I seem to feel worse than I did before I started to meditate. Does meditation have anything to do with this?

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2019, Marc 22

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Digital, Paperback




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