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Italian Easter Sweet

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We all know that the abstinence regime precipitates at Easter in a procession of sweets.

The traditions in Italy are so different from region to region, they cover the whole arc of the festivities, from the delicacies given away during the holy week and tasted later, to the sumptuous Sunday breakfasts, at the end of a meal of Lucullian lunches; not to mention chocolate: only the most willing can keep it at least until Easter Monday, usually throwing it over the eggs eating them whole with the surprise.

The practice of giving eggs to Easter is very ancient, already in the Middle Ages Christianity had recognized the symbol of the resurrection of Christ from the sepulcher: the dead shell contained a new life. Another symbol of the Christian Easter is the dove, a representation of peace and therefore a wish for the future.

Invented in Lombardy, it is a dessert spread throughout Italy, obtained from the fermentation of sourdough, enriched with candied almonds and citrus fruits; the icing is unmistakable, based on sugared egg white, granulated sugar, and almonds. In addition to these essential foundations, here are the main desserts that we will find on our tables.

This book is a collection of many provincial desserts from many Italian regions,

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22 July 2017

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Mamma Bianca


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4 reviews for Italian Easter Sweet

  1. Claire T.

    Weel done thanks

  2. Aldred M.

    So many recipes, I loved to know more about the Easter Italian recipes, great

  3. Brian N.

    Some of the recipes I knew but their are some recipes which I love it,

  4. Allison H.

    Great book with many original ideas, thanks

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