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I’m Successful

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I’m Successful

Every single person in this world wants to live a pretty good life, a lot of people want to be successful in their own way. But then again, everyone also knows that it wouldn’t be easy.

Most people believe that being rich mean that you’re already successful, but being successful actually has different meanings depending on the person.

To a person who grew up in poverty, being successful would that you wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore, you’ll have money to get food to eat, own a beautiful house, and have a fancy car.

To a child, being successful would mean that you will have every toy you can get.

Being a CEO’s son in the top one percent of income earners certainly has its perks, yet such diversions fail to impress Nick.

Success to Nick is defined instead by helping those less fortunate and embracing Christianity.

Success to his mom is defined differently, through a passion for work, a capitalization on assets, and a drive to accumulate wealth.

Convincing his successful mother to follow Jesus’ example is nearly impossible, though, since she feels that Jesus is only a myth, immortalized to control the masses.

Then fate steps in and Nick finds himself clashing with the obstacles of alcohol, abundance, and adultery as he strives to outrun time and alter fate to present a compelling argument in support of Jesus to the mother he loves.

Published Year

May 30, 2019

Page Count


Book format

Digital, Paperback


Hasha Mahagy


Alex Press,

Thomas Nelson


Series 1


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