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How to Win from Fears, Worries, Anger

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How to Win from Fears, Worries, Anger

There are different types of fear, worry, and anger in everyone’s life. this ebook teaches you how to instantly rid yourself of them all!

By the time we’re adults, most anger, resentment, anxiety, and reactions to stress are conditioned responses, usually caused by precipitous drops in self-value.

That is, we feel devalued. To change conditioned responses, we must develop new conditioned responses, for example, conditioning behaviors that raise self-value to occur automatically when self-value declines.

CompassionPower has techniques that, with practice, will build more beneficial conditioned responses. However, those won’t be enough.

The only significant and lasting improvement in life and relationships results from becoming “a better person.” We become better persons by staying in touch with basic humanity, the survival-based capacity for interest in the well-being of others.

Published Year

2019, April 01

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Digital, Paperback


Mirian Salvator


Green Publishing,



Series 1


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