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For a completely practical and step-by-step easy to follow guide to becoming a great storyteller, please refer to “How to tell Stories to Children,”

Meanwhile, the few hints and tips below are useful to anyone who tells stories to children.

Take your story seriously. No matter how riotously absurd it is, or how full of inane repetition, remember, if it is good enough to tell, it is a real story and must be treated with respect. If you cannot feel so toward it, do not tell it. Have faith in the story, and in the attitude of the children toward it and you. If you fail in this, the immediate result will be a touch of embarrassment, which will be obvious to the children, affecting your manner unfavorably, and, probably, influencing your accuracy and imaginative vividness.

Perhaps I can make the point clearer by telling you about one of the girls in a class which was studying stories last winter;

A few members of the class had prepared the story of The Fisherman and his Wife. The first girl called on was evidently inclined to feel that it was rather a foolish story. She tried to tell it well, but there were parts of it which produced in her the embarrassment to which I have referred.

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