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How to Build a Virtual Corporation

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Since the inception and spread of the internet, our world has changed. Boundaries once thought un-crossable have not only been crossed, they have been erased by the expansion of cyberspace. These days, you can hop online and instantly connect with someone on the other side of the world. It’s incredible when you stop to think about it.

Perhaps the biggest impact of the internet has been in the world of business, where the term “global market” has taken on a whole new meaning.

The ability to connect with nearly all of civilization with a simple click of the mouse has enabled large companies to grow even larger; and small companies that would never have otherwise succeeded to flourish.

Target markets can be identified, reached and serviced with the same level of professionalism whether a company consists of several thousand employees and twenty levels of management, or a couple of guys working out of a garage—

and believe it or not, online consumer giant started out as exactly that. How about search engine behemoth Google?

A couple of guys working from their basement.

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3 reviews for How to Build a Virtual Corporation

  1. Rosa

    This book gave so many tips and let me understand the many possibilities to start a corporation on the internet

  2. Amid

    Great book full of tips and guidance to understand exactly why internet is one of the biggest possibility today to start a company

  3. Jason

    Top advice

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