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How to Be Happy

Get out of despair and learn to achieve happiness for you and your loved ones

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How to Be Happy

Everyone has experienced this feeling at least once.

You know you have everything for which you should be grateful for life: an important person by your side, a family that loves you, a good job, a healthy and functioning body.

Nevertheless, you feel this oppressive feeling of frustration, as if what you have was not enough.

Surely you could be happier by making some changes to your life, but the easiest way to feel better and appreciate what you have is to change perspective and routine.

So, how to start enjoying the sun instead of complaining about sunburn?

Following these steps

The happiest people are those capable of enjoying their present rather than remaining anchored in the past or being obsessed with what the future holds for them.

It is true that reflecting on the past can help us learn from our mistakes and focus on the future while thinking about the future can be used to plan goals and make long-term projects, but to be happy with what we have, we must also appreciate


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