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Home Winery & Sommelier

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Home Winery & Sommelier

Learn How to Produce and Recognize Wine as Sommeliers Do

Making wine is something that you can and should be doing. If you enjoy wines you’ll enjoy making them yourself. Accomplishing this process is one that will please anyone who has a bit of creative energy and anyone that wants to really experience the process.

The first step of making wine is to get the flavor of the fruit from within the fruit into your wine.

You can use grapes or many other types of fruit, depending on what you would like the wine to taste like.

To extract the flavor, most commonly, the fruit is pressed.

Most fruits, besides that of citrus fruit can be pitted (if necessary) and pressed.

But, there are other ways to get the fruit from the wine as well.

For example, another option would be to use cold maceration. To do this, the fruit is first crushed and chopped.

Then it is added to its fermentation vessel and all of the ingredients from the recipe that will be used such as the sugar and waters will be added.

It must then be set aside for eight hours.

Once the pectin enzyme has been added and mixed well, the wine must be refrigerated for up to two days, no less than one.

When it is brought up to room temperature, more ingredients are added and stirred in before the yeast is added.

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