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Get in Shape For a Better Life

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And yet, despite this common knowledge on what needs to be done to stay fit and healthy, most of us struggle not to fall off the wagon, and many still have to contend with the frustrating battle of beating the bulge.

If you want more out of life, you need to be ready to commit more and invest more in staying fit and eating right.

The weight loss industry has become a highly lucrative market, with food manufacturers, nutrition experts, and plastic surgeons all feeding from the growing desperation and depression of overweight and obesity.

But while the equation to fitness and health is so simple and straightforward, it remains a great challenge. With the demands of daily living – work-related stresses, social pressures, life changes, holidays, travels, winter seasons, and everything else in between – are all contributing factors that can disrupt fitness routines and upset diet regimens.

Release date

March 23, 2018

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Digital, Paperback


Nasya Sengola


Boks Press


Series 1

2 reviews for Get in Shape For a Better Life

  1. Sandra

    Very, very nice book

  2. Maria

    Love this book

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