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Forced to Choose

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When Danielle’s father lowered his eyes and clenched his fist, she expected him to express anger over a job located half-way around the world, not his demand for her to take it. Wanting tears and a hug, she instead received an impassioned plea to make the most of the opportunity. Off-balance and sensing the inevitability a life-altering change was about to occur, Danielle got right to the point.

“What about Mom? I wasn’t there for her when she needed me.”
“It’s time you let that go,” her father said. Danielle stared at

him, his once-chiseled jawline is now puffy from illness and age. “How many times do I have to repeat that you were on a plane when she passed, and because she was a God-fearing woman, probably waved to you as she went to her final destination? David said to go and I second the opinion. What are you waiting for?”

Danielle withheld her frustration at the absurdity of the question. “Your health to improve. What’s so complicated about that?”

“Nothing. My health will never improve. I’m telling you, Danielle, take the job of your dreams. Waiting around, taking care of me isn’t a life. It’s a living death.”

Danielle sought a quick answer, a dilemma she never faced at the office. She cursed David, her managing director, for calling her father and telling him about the extraordinary job offer. MRD, the world’s most profitable gold-trading firm wanted her, in Zurich, in three weeks. She’d make multiples of what she earned at Russell and for poaching her away, MRD offered an override on what she earned for a year. She could pay off her father’s bills, keep up with the new ones and put money away for investments or retirement.

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2019, April 1

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Akty Press,

Thomas Nelson


Series 1

1 review for Forced to Choose

  1. Agatha N.

    Very nice romance, full of inspiration and relaxing reading

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