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Flight Fear

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Flight Fear

In essence, refusing to get on a plane limits your options and opportunities and causes others to see you as old-fashioned, insecure and neurotic.

If you do fear flying, you are certainly not alone in this world.

There are millions of people who just can’t handle the thought of being encased in a capsule of metal that rockets hundreds of miles up in the air through the sky.

Anxiety is a huge problem for many people who fly despite the fact that statistics compiled by the US Department of Transport suggest that flying is 29 times safer than traveling in an automobile.

Then there are people who just can’t handle flying physically.

Their balance is thrown off and they become dizzy and nauseous.

These individuals are prone to similar problems on the ground but their focus on the plane trip does not have them realize that their anxiety is generalized in nature

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Carola Hissy


Boks Press


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