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Fight the Diabetes with Simple Remedies

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Understanding the basics of diabetes is the first step to having control over your own health. In this section, we examine the causes of this disease, some of the most common symptoms, the benefits of a healthy life and what to do as soon as it is diagnosed.

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by the presence of high levels of glucose (sugars) in the blood, also called chronic hyperglycemia, which occurs when the body is unable to produce a sufficient amount of insulin, the hormone produced by the pancreas, or the amount produced is not effective enough.

When you eat, the food is broken down and the glucose enters the bloodstream. Insulin allows glucose to enter our body’s cells so that we can use it as an energy source.

When this mechanism does not work properly, blood glucose increases above the acceptable limit (hyperglycemia: values of fasting blood glucose, in the absence of symptoms, above 126mg/dl). In a nutshell, glucose remains in the bloodstream, causing a series of effects, even serious if neglected, inflaming and eroding the walls of blood vessels and capillaries.

In this book you will find;

  • What is diabetes?
  • Physical activities for diabetics
  • The Proper Diet
  • Food & Sport
  • Food & Meals
  • Cooking Methods and Seasoning
  • Eating outside the House
  • Diabetic Children Diet
  • Glycemic Index
  • 50 Diabetics Recipes
  • and much more,,,

Fight diabetes easy with simple remedies, you don’t need to change your daily life 🙂

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2 reviews for Fight the Diabetes with Simple Remedies

  1. Clara J.

    I don’t know if I have any symptoms of diabetes, but I prefer to go slow and then not that it is much different from what I do now, however, it is better to know everything before it happens

  2. Hara

    Better to prevent from being cured at my age and that’s why in this book I learned many things that also make me lose weight,

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