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This precious wonder that lies within us and we are afraid to show it, express it and try not to associate it with us, because we think too much about the reactions of people around us, not knowing that in the end expressing our feelings makes us feel free, it gives a smile in our face and makes peoples happy close to us.

Poems are stories in which reading them especially in moments of tranquility, they make you fly when the evening comes lying on the bed in front of them,  your tranquility, to break up the day and before you sleep, the poetry envelops you in that spell of dreaming and relaxing, the poems inspire, the poems make you reflect and guide you to rediscover those moments you have spent and made you live, they made you feel great, those moments where you were the center of attention, the poem makes you relive that lost feeling that you loved so strongly, that you considered, a dream you had in your hand and in an instant it vanished, poetry shows you how you can be and what you are looking for within yourself, guides you to understand your presence with your emotions, guides you to recognize why certain emotions are so far away.

These poems make you relive the feeling you had left behind, the emotions that are part of you, of your life that you may not have at the moment, you will see that the right moment will come when you will feel strong with the right person and you will recover it to relive it deeply.

Close your eyes and feel your feeling that you believe it is strange and profane, do not let it goes with the first wind, feel it deeply because it is yours and only you can worship it so immensely, you will see that in the end there will be only a smile full of warmth that you think it is lost.

Published Year

August 15, 2017

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Digital, Paperback


Mario Linguari


Kukuvaia Publishing


Series 1

3 reviews for Feelings

  1. Gina G.

    They touch my heart

  2. Polly B.

    When I read this poem, my breath stops and my tears fall, very beautiful

  3. Laurien N.

    Imagination with feeling, very poetic

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