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Fear, Worry, Anger Rid Your Self of Them

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The priest was Anger who completed the unholy alliance without thinking twice.

Since then everyone has been visiting the couple days and seeking counseling from the priest.

They seem to see no way of living without them. Looking at the devastating effects of fear, worry, and anger in the present-day world, the fable mentioned above could very much be true.

Modern life is a life of stress, hurry, and tight schedules.

We are living in the age where the computers are married to the telephones, where moral values have taken a backseat and deadlines [not lifelines] set the course of the day.

There is so much to be done, but no time to do it.

This naturally results in fear, worry, and anger. Wherever you look, you can see nothing but strife, conflict, and grudges. In every direction, we see anxious, depressed and furious faces.

Every place is blazing with fights, disputes, and hatred.

Brother is fighting against brother, the son is tussling against father, the daughter-in-law is quarreling with the mother-in-law, daughter is

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