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Emotion A Cognitive Perspective on Emotion


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Some things in life cause people to feel, these are called emotional reac- tions. Some things in life cause people to think, these are sometimes called logical or intellectual reactions. Thus life is divided between things that make you feel and things that make you think. The question is if someone is feeling, does that mean that they are thinking less? It probably does. If part of your brain is being occupied by feeling, then it makes sense that you have less capacity for thought. [Saying “part of your brain” shows how feeling and thought take up the same space or might use the same abilities or similar processes in the mind. It shows how you really can’t do two things at once, especially since they are both cognitive processes (they both take up your memory and attention).] That is obvious if you take emotional extremes, such as crying, where people can barely think at all. This does not mean that emotional people are not intelligent; it just means that they might be dumber during the times in which they are emotional. Emotion goes on and off for every- one, sometimes people cry, and sometimes they are completely serious. This could further mean that an emotional person might be less emotional if they are doing serious thinking.

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2018, March 22

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Alice Sabount


Alex Press,



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