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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come.

We dream of what is about to happen.

We feel that they indicate to us some power unknown.

No doubt it is difficult to apportion what belongs to the spirit, the soul, and what belongs to the brain. We can only let ourselves be guided in our judgment and our appreciation by the same feeling that is created in us by the discussion of phenomena.

This is how all science has been started. Well, and does not everyone feel that we have here to do with manifestations from beings capable of thought, and not with material physiological facts only?

This impression is superabundantly confirmed by investigation concerning the unknown faculties of the soul, when active in dreams and somnambulism.

One thing we may truthfully affirm that it did not proceed from the rational, objective mind of the rank materialist, who would close all doors to that inner life and consciousness where all true religion finds its birthmark, its hope, its promises and its faith which, rightly understood, will leave to the horrors of the Roman crucifixion the twin thieves, superstition and skepticism, while the angel of Goodwillwill go free to solace the world with the fruit and fragrance of enduring power and promise.

The steel chains that fasten these hydra-headed crocodiles of sensuous poison around love and destiny can only be severed by the diamond of wisdom and knowledge.

This book will let you know why we dreaming and what is going to be happening


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Asha Sudden


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