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Learning our way of being our self (as well as other people) is a very important aspect when it comes to living an effective life.


Are you so sure you know yourself well?

We have been created unique and although we are like other people, we are also different from other people.

If we were just like everyone else, each one of us would have been a carbon copy of each other without the individuality or the artistic sense.


Humanity will also be very tedious as other animals of different species that testify to diversity.

  • You and I are different, unlike another.
  • We cannot be like the others; we can only be ourselves.
  • What do you think if we were all the same?
  • The difference between people means that our personality identifies itself

That is why the Personality is such an important subject to undertake.
With the diversity of humanity, it is more important to learn to understand other people and understand how they work.

This book reflects your character and shows you which is the person inside you, many says, I know very well about myself, but at the end understand that you can not base your knowledge only from personal experiences where you develop character, there are many external influences in which our character perceives influences and changes constitutionally. in this book, you can find many indications that will make you understand the true line to follow of your personality and will make you know many things you thought you knew.

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Mario Linguari


Corboz Press,

Kukuvaia Publishing,

Olive Distribution



18 reviews for Discover Yourself

  1. Glenn

    This is the BOOK

  2. Hamsy

    Fantastic book if you want to learn more about your self

  3. Gyan

    Great book experience

  4. Rosy

    Time by time we need to stop yourself and read about why we meet wrong peoples!!!!

  5. Arissa

    Very good to know till the deep who you are πŸ™‚

  6. Alex

    Sensational nice book,

  7. Mary C.

    Impressive how you describe the difference between peoples and they characterize behaviour

  8. Angel N.

    Loe this book thanks a lot for letting me discover more about me πŸ™‚

  9. Angy B.

    Great book

  10. Flowery K.

    Thanks a lot Mario

  11. Carly N.

    I learned a lot about this book great πŸ™‚

  12. Cally B.

    Absolutely a must

  13. Olga H.


  14. Gianny M.

    I knew a lot but the way you described is clear and understandable thanks a lot for sure a 5 star

  15. Arianna

    πŸ™‚ . πŸ™‚

  16. Joanna

    Great and easy to follow

  17. Sandrina

    Great book and value for money

  18. Marie Claire G.

    Impressive and magnificent

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