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Destination Disney, full speed ahead, Mickey awaits. Whether you are planning a trip to the original Disneyland in California or the Walt Disney World of Orlando, Florida, you are in for a very special treat at the house of the mouse.


Walt Disney and his brother Roy Disney founded Disney studios in 1923. Walt began to realize when traveling with his own children that there was a need for a fun family oriented park with the positive aspects of carnivals but minus the negative. People who visited his studio wrote letters expressing their enjoyment, and he became committed to creating the park, eventually buying 160 acres of land in Orange County, California. Needing outside financing Walt created a TV show called Disneyland for the ABC television network, a show which lasted many years and is still in reruns today under the various names it held: Walt Disney‟s Wonderful World of Color, Walt Disney‟s Wonderful World, and World of Disney. The show always opened with a scene from Disneyland and the fairy, Tinkerbell, spreading fairy dust.

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June 21, 2018

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Sara Strains


Alex Press,

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