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Doubt is a great leveler. Why not embrace doubt wholeheartedly? We have looked at twenty-one subjects where it is contended, our culture is mistaken in its understanding of the issues raised. Our twenty-second and final delusion though must surely be that all of the arguments made against culture are themselves delusional.

Each chapter of this work is presented as a delusion.

As Chapter 1 indicates, the fundamental delusion is to think that we can say anything at all about the nature of reality.

Realty is an experience beyond words or logical analysis.

Each chapter then ends with a reminder that we are dealing with a delusion – we have merely chopped up reality and filtered it through a cultural and philosophical context and a language heavily weighted to certain pre-c once lived and repressed views and then spat it out via a white male middle- class author.

The chances of getting anywhere near truth are therefore negligible!

Reading, however, is an interruption to the flow of life and sometimes a word or phrase resonate with an individual and provide some small help.

Published Year

June 20, 2018

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Digital, Paperback


Cate Jannay


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Series 1

6 reviews for Delusion

  1. Ada

    Stunning stories that glue you in the book,

  2. Samantha

    Without comments, excellent

  3. Jenny

    Wonderful, it makes you think of all the people around you

  4. Amir

    Sometimes we have to stop for a moment and see what surrounds us, but above all to see and understand not to be disappointed

  5. Jil


  6. Ada

    Is fascinating to know so many visions from people who stopped and understood how the world turned

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