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DECEPTION How to recognize the right partner, without being deceived

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The deception starts from the symptoms of deception, which is already inside the heart of the person.

The only defense against deception is the purity of the motives and the love for the truth.

The psychological meaning of deception is a betrayal.

Those who suffer deception, even more than betrayal, lose the existing human strength for themselves and for others; they are erased, torn apart, painfully embarrassing.

It is not a question of trust, in reality, we do not only have a moral question, although it is probably not an obvious question, it is also a question of being taken hostage by the will of others who torture for not respecting the truth.

This book will make you understand;

  • Why we attract the wrong people
  • Why our assessments are misleading
  • What leads us to make bad decisions
  • Why the person changes his attitude and how to understand it
  • Why do we choose the final decision to be emotional
  • How to recognize a bipolar person
    ,,,and so on.
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Mario Linguari


Kukuvaia Publishing

16 reviews for DECEPTION How to recognize the right partner, without being deceived

  1. Sangy

    Well written and absolutely to read if you want to have a safe relationship

  2. Lisa

    5 star for sure

  3. Archiel J.

    Great book Mario, thanks

  4. Agatha G

    Better late than never,,

  5. Jannie H.

    Something we have to open up our eyes,,,,

  6. Barbara N.

    Hope for love and find yourself with deception, I wanted to read this book 10 years ago,

  7. Babay L.

    Great book if you feel something getting wrong into your relationship, alert you and shows many small points to think about

  8. Arthur J.

    I love this book, shows me so many issues which I could not identify in my relationship

  9. Amra N.

    I love the way you explain with so many ways and elucidate the way deception can be happen

  10. Samuel


  11. Luftilia

    Is a MUST

  12. Albin

    Congratulation Mario

  13. Christine L.

    Thank you so much for this book, it made me understand a lot about how sometimes you can be so subconscious of not recognizing a friendship to convey it in relationship, I also fell for it, having known a man as primes to move to a unique friendship, where I found and released all my emotions and love, without worrying about anything happening to me, because I believed in the true friendship between man and woman, in the end, my best friend showed the other part I didn’t know, to be bipolar, and this scared me a lot and created a total confusion in me, until friendship started, however, one goes on,
    Thank you for opening my eyes with your words and attention.

  14. Mara S.

    Thanks Mario , from your book I understood a lot of things in how to deal with a relationship and where to be careful when you know a man, and I have already met principles that eventually turned out to be real scoundrels, anyway I really appreciate the initiatives and clarifications that I read in this book gave me an additional reason to focus on my next meeting.

  15. Marianne S.

    Absolutely yes, beautiful to read and beautiful to alleviate with so many fears of when you meet a man who you think you have found a soul mate, only cover stories and you think that will not happen again as you say Mario” ‘eye does not see, the heart does not hurt ” , perhaps it leads you to save a little pain in the heart in the future”

  16. Sandra B.

    In my life, I had several difficulties in relationships and this book made me understand a lot of things about how to compare subsequent situations without getting worse
    History fascinated me immediately and the more I continued to read, the more I fell into that which can be a real infidelity

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