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DECEPTION ” When love hide the truth especially to get an advantage “

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Superstition is sustained exclusively by hope, hatred, anger, and deceit, since it derives its origin not from reason, but from sensibility alone and moreover from a passionate sensitivity.


The deception starts from the seeds of deception that are already inside the heart of the person.
The only defense against deceit is the purity of motives and love of truth.
Keep someone in error or deliver it elsewhere and leave it free, the psychological meaning of deception and betrayal.

Those who suffer deception, even more than betrayal, lose the existing human strength for themselves and others, it is canceled, torn apart, it is painfully embarrassing.
It is not a question of trust (in fact, we do not only have a moral question, although it is probably not an obvious question, it is also a matter of being taken hostage by the will of others who torture with the failure to deliver truth.

What feelings are possible if not those of aggression as painful destruction and disturbance? It is terrible for anyone to find the deception and the right to knowledge makes the difference between self-recognition and the devaluation of annulment.

The psychological burden of deception is always and yet selfishness, you want to keep the old and the new whatever you want or want to understand.
To the only small scourge of deception, it can be a sort of testimony of unhealthy attachment that sometimes has to do with childish and superficial love.

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March 18, 2018

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Mario Linguari


Kukuvaia Publishing

12 reviews for DECEPTION ” When love hide the truth especially to get an advantage “

  1. Samuel


  2. Luftilia

    Is a MUST

  3. Sangy

    Well written and absolutely to read if you want to have a safe relationship

  4. Albin

    Congratulation Mario

  5. Lisa

    5 star for sure

  6. Archiel J.

    Great book Mario, thanks

  7. Agatha G

    Better late than never,,

  8. Jannie H.

    Something we have to open up our eyes,,,,

  9. Barbara N.

    Hope for love and find yourself with deception, I wanted to read this book 10 years ago,

  10. Babay L.

    Great book if you feel something getting wrong into your relationship, alert you and shows many small points to think about

  11. Arthur J.

    I love this book, shows me so many issues which I could not identify in my relationship

  12. Amra N.

    I love the way you explain with so many ways and elucidate the way deception can be happen

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