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Date with Purpose

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Realize first to know what are the goals of their life

Dating is a serious business. We sometimes forget that dating was originally invented to help people find Mr. or Ms. Right.
We’re not just talking about someone you’re attracted to or are compatible with at the moment.

This is about finding a suitable partner that can have a meaningful, long -term relationship with.

You could be needlessly creating your own unhappiness if you go around dating without having a complete sense of self or purpose.

Without realizing it, you might be running after people who are downright wrong for you—and all because you don’t know who you’re meant to be, or where you’re going.

You need to date with a purpose.

  • Chapter 1:  Self Reflection
  • Chapter 2:  How to Expand Your Horizons
  • Chapter 3:  Your Financial Situation
  • Chapter 4:  How Physical Attraction Works
  • Chapter 5:  And Now You’re Ready to Date
  • Chapter 6:  When and How to Date for Keeps

Be prepared before you commit 🙂


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Marco Solarios



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7 reviews for Date with Purpose

  1. Fabiana B.

    Yes and yes

  2. Loredy H.

    Worth it for the money

  3. Agia B.

    This book teached me, how to study first and let the sentiment goes second,,,,

  4. Alessi O.

    Great to know so many issue

  5. Gina S.

    Love this book, I learn a lot of tricks

  6. Karmen K.

    reading this book I encountered so many issues that I didn’t know before, better now so I’m ready 🙂

  7. Angelina J.

    Love this book, teached me so much and warning,,,, if you get what I mean

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