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Dangerous Seduction

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Her slumbering sexuality is awakened


When the desire to want what is not easy to obtain, when a woman wants to have at all costs when the imagination reaches the unscrupulous limits, then the seduction begins that only women understand and are able to do it without having any fear of loss or defeat, and this is what happens to Imogen,

When beautiful but lonely Imogen is seduced by the beguiling Jason, her slumbering sexuality is awakened. Despite remorse and guilt, she abandons herself in a reckless affair, while her controlling lover continually pushes her beyond her sexual boundaries. Terrified of her own betrayal and abandonment, Imogen finds herself torn between her deepest fears and darkest desires.

Published Year

2018, May 22

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Jane Sajournay


Alex Press,

Thomas Nelson


Series 1

2 reviews for Dangerous Seduction

  1. Arthur S.

    Wonderful story,

  2. Osvald J.

    Great book full of suspense a breathtaking moments

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