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Controlling the Levees of Your Mind

This book explains how we developed new three-dimensional models of the mind and how we discovered the Levees of the Mind.


It shows how to strengthen your mind by controlling your Levees to prevent flooding. You will learn whether to make decisions with heart or head and how to choose Mr.Right and dump Mr.Wrong. This book should be helpful to parents and carers of people with disabilities. It shows models of the mind, which we developed to help people understand disabilities. You may not be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, but you can be a mind surgeon!

Emily, a nine-year-old, gets a pair of scissors and cuts the back of the teacher’s sweater – while she is wearing it! My student teacher bursts into tears.

“Emily”, I say, “You promised to take care of my teacher until I called again, so what was going on in your mind when you did that?”

Too late, I realize that this is a stupid question, because Emily obviously does not know what the word ‘mind’ means – either what the mind is, or where the mind is, and neither do I. She is not alone – the questions of what the mind is and where it is has baffled better brains than mine.

Published Year

November 30, 2018

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Dr. Gil Cleeton,

Dr. Lorraine Cleeton


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