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Step by Step Guide in How to Get Your Confidence Back

Have you ever noticed someone who was not all that physically attractive but seemed to lure those of the opposite sex to them? Have you observed someone at work who didn’t really know that much about their job but was always getting raises? Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be able to captivate anyone they talk to and make friends easily?

What do these people have? One word – confidence. If you have confidence in yourself, you don’t need anything else. Confidence is something that is sensed by others. People react to you if you have confidence in a different manner than if you have no confidence.

Have you ever noticed that when you are happy everything seems to be going right? When you are miserable, you tend to have a “bad day?” This is because you have confidence in the days that things go well and no confidence when things are going wrong.

The funny thing is that anyone can learn to develop more confidence. Remember the old line from “Forrest Gump?” “Life is like a box of chocolates?” It’s not.

Life is a marketing plan. It’s an illusion.

The entire box of chocolates can be whatever you want them to be and you can sell them to someone who hates chocolate if you have the right attitude.

Confidence is the marketing plan that you have to use.

The product you are marketing is you.

In this book, you are going to learn how much confidence you have, why you may have confidence, confidence destroyers as well as confidence builders.

This book will teach you everything you know about the biggest marketing plan in the world – the confidence plan!

In order for you to attain more confidence, however, you have to be open to change. You have to be willing to modify your behavior if needed so that you can achieve the greatest confidence. Confidence can be learned, but it does involve stepping out of your comfort zone and learning how to make certain changes in your behavior patterns.

So sit back, relax and start learning how you can gain more confidence.

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Alani Sumui


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