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Enjoy the Culture and Tradition of the Italian Christmas Recipes

We have collected 3 books to let you know, prepare and try the delicious Italian recipes that for hundreds of years are still prepared today in the Italian tables during the Christmas days.

  1. Italian Christmas Recipes
  2. Italian Christmas Sweet
  3. Italian Christmas Handmade Biscuit Recipes
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Christmas in Italy is a magical experience, but there are some unique traditions that you won’t find in other countries, one of them is food, Italians are very proud to have such a vast and delicious culinary tradition, especially during the days of Christmas where everything is concentrated in preparing traditional recipes with local flavors.

If you hope to spend a truly Italian Christmas,
On Christmas Day, the food that makes up the Gala dinner (which literally means “big dinner”) varies from region to region, but the meat is normally back on the menu, often accompanied by pasta.

The meal is followed by a panettone, a loaf of sweet bread originally from Milan and other desserts filled with walnuts, which were historically a symbol of fertility for next year.

These 3 books are a collection of about 300 typical Italian recipes for the days of Christmas, where you can see, learn and cook for your family or friends

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