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Camping for Boys

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Now you can use simple, step-by-step techniques to help boys become strong men through camping— 100% Guaranteed

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This book shows a world where character and morality are prized. The goal of camp is not just to get the boys out the parents’ hair, but to encourage good character and citizenship. Camp leaders are enticed by the contribution they can make to the boys’ futures and are selected (or rejected) based on their own moral virtues.

There are many practical suggestions for safety and comfort aside from the absence of modern materials and conveniences, like nylon and gas stoves.

Medical advice given in the book is from 1913 and may be unhelpful, often contradicts current practice and involves unsafe or now illegal substances

Why not repackage Camping for Boys? You see, this amazing book had first been published several years ago. And while it was incredibly successful at the time, it eventually faded out the limelight.

I was convinced that if it could be repackaged into a more usable and modern format, that it could bring the same benefits I now enjoyed to many other people. So, I brushed off the cover and got to work.

Now you too can discover….

  • Tramps, Hikes and Overnight Trips

  • Cooking on Hikes

  • Athletics, Campus Games, Aquatics, Water Sports

  • Nature Study

The Right (and the Wrong) Way to go Camping with Boys:

Absolutely everything anyone would ever need is contained within this impressive work. Take a look at everything you’ll find inside Camping for Boys.

  • Necessary Camp Equipment

  • Personal Check List or Inventory

  • The organization, Administration and Discipline

  • The Day’s Program

  • The Camp Fire

  • Simple Remedies

  • First Aid

  • Forecasting the Weather

This newly released work called Camping for Boys by H.W. Gibson is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to help your son or other boys become better young men through the benefits of camping.

Until now, this ultimate tutorial for boys’ camping was nearly lost forever.

What A Guide to Camping for Boys can teach you:

  • Rainy Day Games

  • Educational Activities

  • Honor, Emblems and Awards

  • Packing Up
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June 20 , 2017

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Alex Press,

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